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Men’s Talk is a safe and confidential place to have open discussions.  When you attend Men’s Talk, you agree to keep all that you hear to yourself. We don’t carry away reports of who’s there or what is said. We encourage you to take away the portions of the conversation that will enhance your life. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance.   Men’s Talk is not a therapy group.  There is a difference between support and therapy. Men’s Talk does not exist to “fix” anyone. If you have a personal desire to change, the members of Men’s Talk will support that effort.  Our organization was established with accountability and encourages this amidst its membership. 


We build men and any man eighteen years or older can attend our monthly meetings.  We foster a sense of empowerment to share and receive shared truths.  We support each other through life. Our focus is to support through the trails connected to manhood. None of us are an island and sharing our collective experiential wealth is priceless.  Many of the skills that you pick up through your Men’s Talk will prove to be resourceful. The network of men will come from all walks of life.  As you engage, interact, and become a member, Men’s Talk will do more than offer networking.  Men’s Talk is a brotherhood that supports and helps each brother for a lifetime. 


If you struggle with commitment, with discipline, with emotional honesty, with feelings of powerlessness or inadequacy, with anger, frustration, depression the Men’s Talk brotherhood will help you establish a new normal. 


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